Training workshops

Workshop: Community Economic Development

Community economic development is an approach to development based on the observation that individuals and organizations within a community have the ability, skill and resources to respond creatively and effectively to local problems and challenges. We offer one- and two-day interactive workshops covering the following topics:

  • Defining "community economic development";
  • Defining "community capacity building";
  • The community development process;
  • The skills and knowledge needed to be effective;
  • The most common problems experienced in community economic development and
  • How to achieve objectives.

Workshop: Governance

Consortia Development Group offers training and consultation services on board leadership. Participants will learn how to:

  • The roles and responsibilities of a board of directors;
  • Various approaches to Board leadership;
  • The Policy Governance model;
  • Determine the most effective process to address issues as a board;
  • How to establish and achieve organization goals;
  • How to effectively run and participate in meetings;
  • The principles of effective decision-making.

We also offer consultation and mentoring services to boards deciding to implement the Policy Governance model.

Workshop: Government relations for non-profits

Designed for non-profit, grass-root groups, this workshop explores practical aspects of effective government relations. Participants will learn how to:

  • Analyze the environment for effective government relations
  • Establish government relations goals and strategies
  • Mobilize available resources
  • Identify the most effective ways to communicate with government officials
  • Cultivate ongoing and continuing relationships



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